About Unseen Streets

Art in Service of Community

Photographs are more important than ever in raising awareness.  Unseen Streets partners with select community organizations to help them raise awareness of social issues using powerful imagery.  Unseen Streets Association exists to help non-profits become better known in the public eye.

You only have moments to make an impression and capture people’s hearts and minds.  There are lots of great causes and organizations and the public have limited attention spans and even more limited budgets. A great photograph can make all the difference in having your cause be noticed.


Benefits of an Unseen Streets project


  • Showing the people you help in a new light
  • Create a catalogue of marketing and social media material
  • Fundraising through exhibitions, calendars and cards
  • Reach a new audience of sponsors and donors
  • Beautiful images for participants to cherish

Who We Serve

Community advocacy groups and organizations that help marginalized people, such as the elderly, homeless and disabled. Our projects often deal with sensitive subject material and we bring respect and integrity to every conversation.

How To Participate

Unseen Streets Partners with organizations to create unique projects.  Sometimes we will train people to take photographs, providing new opportunities to marginalized people.  In other cases we will take the photographs.

If you have an idea please contact us to talk, to explore the possibilities and look at sources of funding.

About Mike Azzarello

Mike Azzarello Krayenhoff

Mike lives on Salt Spring Island, BC, a place best known as an artist’s paradise.  She travels widely and has visited both large cities and rural communities in China, India, Pakistan, England, Australia, USA and Canada in the last few years.  An experienced street photographer, she captures the stark contrasts in these different parts of the world as well as our shared humanity.

Her long-standing interests in community and theatre inform Mike’s photographic practice.  Graduating with a Performing Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University she began photographing dancers in motion, actors in stage-light and people in the streets of Vancouver.

Recently returning to school to hone her digital photographic skills, she attended the Professional Photography program at Western Academy of Photography and emerged with a passion for documenting people in their environments.

Mike Profile Pic

Unseen Streets was created by photographer Mike Azzarello as a way to shed light on the characters and issues that are present in every community that mostly people don’t want to talk about.

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